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You must have tried and used several different approaches and systems to manage your manufacturing or project execution but have you ever used a LIVE scheduling system -
Where the future schedule automatically adjusts itself as events (task completions, delays, breakdowns, etc.) are notified in real-time as and when they occur.
Where it is possible to ascertain correctly, given the condition as of NOW, the impact on expected completion times of all jobs / projects in hand vis-à-vis the committed date-of-delivery. A kind of advance warning allowing one to take corrective action before it is too late.
Where you can rest assured that whatever schedule is created is really feasible – that individual activities (tasks) can be really performed as indicated in the schedule, and if they are so done and also completed in the prescribed time, would it be possible to finish the jobs / projects in hand as indicated in the schedule.
Where it is possible to add / remove / halt jobs / projects with the above three points remaining valid all the time with expected completion time for new jobs/projects known as an incidental outcome.
Where you can self-configure the system to represent your manufacturing or project execution setup and have your real jobs defined in without any external assistance.
New concepts open up newer possibilities otherwise considered impossible. It is now possible to imagine a fully computer controlled manufacturing setup as perfectly feasible. Actually performing a manufacturing operation was never a big deal: the “How” part. More important was deciding what operation to perform “when”, “where” and “why”? These 3 W's are critical and require great effort and cost. Surprisingly, customers’ never pays for the 3W’s. It is considered the Manufacturer’s headache. So, any saving here directly adds to your bottom line.

Instead of talking about what all one can do with a live planning & scheduling system we thought it better to create an evaluation version called lips that you can actually use to :
- map you own manufacturing / project environment.
- create your own jobs / projects.
- schedule / simulate them.
- notify activity progress or unexpected events as they occur and see how the system reacts.

This evaluation version remains active for 180 days or 2000 sessions, whichever is earlier and can be actually used to schedule and manage your manufacturing / project execution setup. So, go ahead experiment, explore and also tell us what more we can do to improve the product. Your suggestions are valuable to us. Please do feel free to contact us for any clarification it would be our pleasure to respond to your queries. Click here to download.

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