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Seven Features that will make your Hard Case Book Stand Out

Seven Features that will make your Hard Case Book Stand Out

Seven Features that will make your Hard Case Book Stand Out

Believe it or not, we often judge books by their covers despite knowing that it is not a recommended way. A book cover ignites our curiosity to pick the book and check it out. In a bookstore full of books or scrolling through an online collection, a great book cover design is the first thing that you notice.

“Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.” ― Douglas Adams

A poor book cover may not encourage prospective readers to go for it. Hence, a hard case design is vital to capture readers’ interest and conveys the apt message about your book.  

Use of Latest Machines

Hard case books are also known as case bound book which requires specialization to come up with the sturdy look. These books come up with protective covers, made using cardboard coupled with cloth, paper, or similar fabric. Only the best machines used to fabricate the hard case book can bring out excellent results. It helps accomplish the task of case making, casing, and back lining. The hard case book covers not only safeguard the pages inside but also ensure long-lasting quality.

Edge Gilding Process

As we know, bookbinding is a process that involves few important steps. Each step requires the latest technology and start-of-the-art machine to bring about the finest outcome. Using an advanced gilding machine helps to glove mirror image to the book edges. The gilding process assists in the edge gilding of the book with round corner gliding or high-power wind suction to gather the dust. Further, it lets you apply a fine layer of gold, silver, or copper around the outside edges of the book. 

Paper Choice

If you are looking for printing and binding religious books then it is best to be done on 28 gsm thin paper, which is highly recommended for such books. Religious books require sturdiness as well as presentation because these are going to be used for years and sometimes passed on to generations. It may require a little extra time to craft than other bound books because hard case books are specially made to showcase quality for many years. 

Books Flexibility

Each stage of the binding process is important and hence, requires attention. When it comes to the fabrication of a round corner book, it is important to do so using a thin latex board to provide flexibility in the end book. It not only assists in the binding process rather ensures that the books are conveniently used. Casebound binding comes up with a flexible spine that enables books to lie flat upon opening.

Specialization Matters

Hard case-bound books offer an impressive presentation besides giving your book a weighty feel. The books bound in such a way ensures durability. Besides hard case-bound books, you can also go for a magnetic notebook, which is again a popular theme. The important point to remember here is to contact a printing service that specializes in magnetic notebooks to experience a great outcome. 

Material Used 

When it comes to binding a book, we cannot overlook the material. It is important to avail the services of a printing company that has the highly skilled resources to use a variety of material in bookbinding. Few names include paper based PVC,  PU, bonded and real leather, imitation cloth, real cloth including buckrum, linen material and Arlin.  These are among the best choices for hard case bookbinding. It ensures a long-lasting shelf life of the book and attracts high retail prices as well. 

The Final Look

If you wish to encourage people to pick up your book, the hard case book cover is the ultimate way to make it visually appealing. Make the most of all these features to present the best book and enjoy a great look. With hardcover book printing, it is easy to deliver a premium presentation. 

If you wish to rise above the competition, the best way is to utilize the advanced technology and latest trends as listed above. Here’s hoping that these tips help you make your next book stand out!

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