Thin Paper Products

The thin grade of paper are used for printing books which have a large number of pages. It is used for making Bibles, encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Bible & Religious

Any job done with perfection is bound to get admired. Be it customized book printing or bulk printing job, it needs attention. Thin paper printing may be overlooked but it also requires due consideration like any other printing products. It includes religious books printing, which have many pages and come with a perfect binding that last for years. Such books are used by people for years and sometimes, generations too. Hence, you need to rely on a reputed printing press to undertake similar printing requirements.


Thin printing paper is used where a product requires lightweight paper used in combination with good readability for readers of all age groups. Dictionary printing serves as the best example here. Other factors to consider are a pleasant whiteness and a good stiffness. With decades of experience in the industry, Thomson Press excels in all types of printing including thin paper printing.


While undertaking dictionary printing, we are well-aware of the fact that it is going to be used long like forever. Therefore, we pay special attention to the features like folding, printing quality and flatness. Relying on our sound knowledge of the print technology, we carry out small as well as complex printing jobs with perfection. Thin grade paper is used to print books that come with a large number of pages like dictionary printing. Thin paper also provides high smoothness and that is why printing outcome is excellent. If you want Encyclopedias, dictionaries, Bibles and religious books to be printed, connect with us without delay.

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